Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lonliness, Suicide: A Male Issue Only

Loneliness is a male issue. Women do not have to fear such a thing. A socially awkward guy in today's society is a creepy loser who is considered an outcast. He is less than nothing to women. They want nothing to do with him.

A socially awkward female still will get hit on and still will get dates from guys. It doesn't matter how shy she may be. Men will still attempt to reach out and form a relationship with her because at the end of the day, men are more compassionate and much less cruel than women.

Back when men ruled things, everyone had a mate. It was unheard of a person in their 30's to be single. The epidemic of loneliness is recent and is a direct result of women having all the control in the dating scene. Women are quasi-eugenicists and do not want genes to pass on that they deem to be weak; social anxiety/awkwardness fits this category of weakness.

If we are talking a 400 pound whale with meth-mouth, fine, of course she's lonely. But here's what you are doing that is so foolish: basing your entire argument on extremely rare exceptions. An average guy can easily be lonely in today's society. An average women could never be unless she deliberately chose too. The vast vast vast majority of lonely people are men and it is by and large a male issue only. Women do not have the danger of being alone and will most likely never experience being alone.

The statistics below are from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As you will observe, men commit suicide "at a rate four times that of women." This is in spite of the fact that women attempt suicide more often than men.

By Gender

Sex Number of Suicides Population Rate
Males 27,269 148,466,361 18.3
Females 7,329 152,823,971 4.8
Total 34,598 301,290,332 11.5

Figures from the National Center for Health Statistics for the year 2007.
All rates are per 100,000 population.

A woman takes her own life every 90 minutes in the U.S., but it is estimated that one woman attempts suicide every 78 seconds.

* Women attempt suicide three times as much as men.
* Although women attempt suicide more often, men complete suicide at a rate four times that of women.
* More women than men report a history of attempted suicide, with a gender ratio of 2:1.
* Women are more likely than men to have stronger social supports, to feel that their relationships are deterrents to suicide, and to seek psychiatric and medical intervention, which may contribute to their lower rate of completed suicide.

-© 2011 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The harsh reality of the world is that men bare the heaviest burden's in life, while women over-exaggerate and dramatize anything and everything in order to garner attention. Ironically, women already have more attention than men, which is why they are much more likely to receive help from support groups and their group of friends.

Can men do this? Yes and no. While it is possible for men to receive help when they are feeling depressed and suicidal, it is looked down upon in society. A man is not allowed to cry to his male friends about his problems. A man is supposed to shutup, suck it up, and handle it all by himself. If he does not, society labels him weak.

More specifically, women label him weak. Women can lose respect for a man very quickly; this is where genetics come into play. Women despise passive, nice-guy genes. They wish them to be breeded out of existence. Conversely, women seem to adore and worship the "dark triad" genes. These genes include narcissism and psychopathic behavior. Girls, especially young ones, are obsessed with dangerous bad-boys. Below is an example:

"Teenage Love Triangle Turns Deadly"

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Anonymous said...

Women tend to attempt suicide by "cleaner" means than men do. Men will shoot themselves, jump off bridges etc, whereas women will usually favour drug overdoses, particularly sleeping pills and the like, wrist-cutting, methods of suicide that are considered more graceful. The thing about those "clean" methods, though, is that they have a much lower success rate than, say, a gunshot wound to the head. Pills, especially, rarely work because you have to get your dosage exactly right. Too small, and you'll just fall asleep. Too large, and your body will reject the pills by vomiting them back up. Women have a much higher rate of survived suicide attempts than men do as a result. And they are more likely to seek help from professionals or their peer group because it's considered the norm for a woman to be emotionally open about her problems with those she trusts, whereas men tend to bottle them up and let them fester.

Suggesting that this means that women are just seeking attention by doing this is incredibly distasteful. Some people attempt suicide to get attention, but most people who do these things do so because they are incredibly depressed, mentally ill or otherwise psychologically unstable, and to dismiss all the women who are in this state as just being attention whores, while claiming all the men who are in this state are genuinely depressed, is unbelievably sexist. Statistically, the rates of attempted suicides that we're sure were just done for attention are pretty much the same for both genders, so no. No, it's not a "girl problem", it's not some plea for attention or feminist conspiracy or some shit like that.

It's just women in pain.

And I'm sure having some random guy who's bitter over his failure to get laid and blaming this on all women, rather than realizing that he doesn't get laid because he's a hate-filled, manipulative, shallow, misogynistic little prick, is just great for these women's self-esteem and mental state.

Nice going, dickhead.