Friday, August 3, 2012

Are All Women Prostitutes? A Thought Provoking Article

I recently came across an excellent article (forum post) that further extrapolates on a previous post I made about the undeniable correlations between the modern dating process and prostitution. The post was made by a user named "Below 30" on You will see my commentary bolded and in parentheses.

"According to society (backed by government laws) Prostitution (the business accepting financial compensation for sex), is immoral and illegal in most countries. Where is the line drawn though for who can be considered a prostitute, from a hooker on the street corner, to meeting a morally acceptable female and paying for many dates before sex happens? -Females are the focus here since it's a fact that they do not generally do the approaching in the mating game- When a man is approached by a woman on the street and she offers to let him have her body sexually in exchange for money, she's a prostitute and a bad person. When a man meets a woman in a book store, if he were to say; "Hi, I like you. Would like to have sex with me?", he will be rejected and probably have the police called on him. So the man meets the woman in the book store, says morally acceptable things to her, gets her phone number, calls her up and sets up a date. On the date he will spend $75 and at the end of the date, he will go for the kiss and want sex from her. She will most likely turn her head away and tell him that she won't allow the sex yet.

On average, after 3 dates, the female will let the man have sex with her. The man has spent approximately $225 on the female in almost 4 weeks of dating. So basically, the female required financial compensation before she would allow the man to have access to her body. That is prostitution, but it's the acceptable form by society's standards. If two girls notice a guy and talk about how 'cute' his and he happened to come over and say; "Hi, I'm sexually attracted to you. Would you like to have sex with me?", again she would reject him as if he made a racist remark, even though she acknowledged to her friend how she was attracted to him (TIC:An excellent point indeed. It's very true that even if a girl is attracted to you, she many times will not give you any leverage or advantage over the other competing males. You will still be expected to be confident, funny, ask for her number, ask her out on a date, pay for the date, and repeat the dating process 2-3 times before getting anything beyond a makeout session)

Men have no problems with seeing an attractive female and allowing sexual relations to happen right away. This is because society accepts that men are sexually upfront. (TIC:Put simply, men are sexually honest while women are sexually dishonest, save hookers) Females in the sexual sense are virtually the same (mentally) as men, but society put stipulations on females to control them, as society was basically started by men long ago. This was to prevent females from being like men and having multiple sex partners and made it easier for men to dominate females in society. But that plan has actually back-fired, because females have an easier time controlling their sexual impulses than men biologically. What has happened now, is that females have learned how to give out just enough signals to lead a man on and hold the rest back until he pays for the rest.

Prostitution is a business like any other and to be successful, you have to invest in your product. That product in this case, is the female herself. This is why they invest so much in makeup, hair care and plastic surgery. They need to stand out and exude high value. This way, men will see the cost they have to pay for access to her body, as reasonable. Men are so desperate for the sex that they will pay the price and ignore the fact the she is basically a prostitute. Since men still rule when it comes to laws in society, prostitution is still known only as the act of exchanging 'paper money' on the street for sex and not general dating. If people's minds weren't so clouded, prostitution would either become legal, or dating would become illegal too. (TIC: An excellent breakdown of the structure of dating in business terms. Dating is indeed very much like a business where you have investing, advertising (sexy outfits, etc), selling, buying, and even a black market (escort services).

Many women will claim that they need to get to know a man first before sex.
Just like men, when a female sees a man she's sexually attracted too, she could have sex right away. Proof? Street prostitutes are human females too and all they need to see is cash and she has sex with him. So there is no biological reason why most females couldn't allow sex with a man she's attracted to right away. (TIC: Exactly, the female would rather get a few free dinners/movies first even if she was instantly sexually attracted to the man) It goes to prove for the most part that even the most shy, innocent, religious girl knows exactly what she's doing when she makes the guy spend all sorts of money and time before the sex happens. But they will be damned if they were to admit that what they do is prostitution.

Here's some interesting irony. Street prostitutes are actually the most respectable females in the mating game. Because they are upfront with their requirement to be paid a set price before the sex is to happen (TIC: Correct. Intelligent men know this to be true. I have much more respect for a hooker/stripper, because with them, at least there are no hidden motives or games. Everything is on the table. You want sex, she wants money. There is no deception to deal with as you must endure with legal prostitutes(women in general). The rest of the females in society, pretend to need 'Time' and the only way to pass this 'Time', is for her to be taken to places that involve money being spent on her. Once that money has been spent, it's still not a guarantee that she will give up the sex, thus the man is wasting alot of time and money on a so-called 'nice girl or proper girl'.

Dating females is legal prostitution because the financial compensation is indirect. Legal prostitution is morally acceptable but is the most taxing on the man, because he must invest so much time and money for an uncertain payoff of sex in the end

My final thoughts are a resounding "yes", the vast majority of women are indeed prostitutes one way or another. If money is required for sex, no matter how indirect the process, that is prostitution. If you wouldn't fuck the guy for free, you’re a prostitute


Anonymous said...

So, if women expecting a potential boyfriend to have a decent personality, be funny, confident without being a cocky douche, asking her out, setting up a date etc. are ALL considered forms of prostitution to you, then what the unholy fuck could a woman do to choose a partner that wouldn't be considered discriminatory to you?
Judge you purely on looks? Because that would be horribly shallow.

Or are you actually suggesting that you should just be allowed to fuck any woman that you happen to be interested in, just because you're a guy?

Also, the article misses the point entirely of a woman "getting to know" a guy. It means to become familiar with you as a person, to see how you act, how well they get along with you, etc., not just eyeing a guy up to see whether or not they find him physically attractive. Attraction comes from two sources, broadly speaking. There's physical attraction, which is simple, just looking at someone and judging whether or not you think they are appealing, but there's also emotional attraction, which is more complicated and springs from how well you get along with the potentially interested party as a person. Whether she likes you as a person, whether you like her as a person, how well you "click".

The article completely overlooks the emotional aspect of relationships and dating, in favour of focusing entirely on the physical. A woman going on a date with you does not generally mean "I want to have sex with you". It usually means "I am intrigued by you, or I like you as a person, and would like to get to know you better over dinner", or something along those lines. By ignoring the emotional side of things, the writer of the article has made it clear that he THINKS all women are prostitutes - because in his mind, it's all about sex. By paying for the date, he has, in his mind, bought her and is now entitled to use her, and gets bitter when she doesn't have sex with him, despite the fact that he feels he's earned it or is entitled to it. But that's not how it works. All a date means is that you made a good enough impression for the girl to want to get to know you better. That might lead to a relationship, it might not. It does not mean "I have won you". She is still an individual, not just a pair of tits and a pussy, and sometimes she just does not like you in that way, and therefore doesn't want to fuck you. That's not part of some diabolical feminist conspiracy to prevent you from getting laid, it simply means that she is not romantically/sexually attracted to you. And you just have to deal with that.

Also, this distilling of a woman down to her sexual qualities and nothing more, and considering the women to be selfish for wanting to get to know you as a person, is very disturbing. How would you react if you were courted by a woman you weren't physically attracted to, considered selfish for wanting to know her better and vilified as a prostitute if you tried to refuse her advances?

Honestly, people like you make me genuinely ashamed to be male at times.

Charles Washington said...

Most of the things you said have truth to them but women generally don't pay for dates and if a women wanted to get to know you she could and she could even pay for the date but they don't and most of the time generally a women will only give you sex if you spend x amount of money on them that is why he calls dating a form of prostitution.We have to be honest here women say they want to get to know the man but they also want men to buy gifts for them and pay to entertain them so there really no different from street walkers there just not as up front about what you should do

Anonymous said...

lol women will have sex with guys for social status and income.
Find em, Fool em, Fuck em, Forget em!! lol

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