Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Female Ego

Today I was pondering the recent 2012 London Olympics contreversey (certainly not a serious one) involving Lebron James and U.S Swimmer Lauren Perdue. Below is a picture of Perdue:
^^^^Isn't she lovely? Well, sort of in that "I'd donkey punch her" kind of way...^^^ Shortly after, Perdue tweeted the following: "Lebron James just invited me to dinner... um wuuuutttt?!?" And then, chaos ensued. It was all over the media. No one quite knew what to make of it other than Lebron, an engaged NBA Champion, just got publicly turned down. But what strikes me is how excited this Lauren seems that she was "invited to dinner" by Lebron himself. In fact, to me, the tweet is reeking of an egotistical, high-and-mighty, "look at me", uppity, cunty, shallow, junior high, arrogant stench that is both vomit educing and all-to-common among today's American female. What gets me is, this was not the only girl Lebron asked out on that night (probably). Pictured below is Lebron with yet another female Olympian.
He most likely casually offered to eat with her that night in the dining hall as well. Lauren was clearly not the only one, and yet her level of excitement over such a small proposition is hysterical; I'd expect the same reaction from a girl in middle school. "OMG! I just got asked out wtf?!?!? What is a poor girl to do?" Lather in the pool of egomaniac attention whoring, of course. This is yet another example of the despicable way women react when approached and propositioned for dates. It isn't enough to appreciate the offer; they get off on the power trip, the advantage given to them by being catered to. They revel in the attention, enjoy rejecting the man, and can't live without bragging about it to their friends (or in this case, the whole world through twitter).


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of problems, I'm sensing.

Anonymous said...

She means that he invited her to dinner in a "romantic proposal" way. And seeing as he's engaged, her surprise and incredulity is entirely justified.

Also, you're one to talk about despicable attitudes and "shallow, arrogant, junior-high thinking", seeing as you're not only assuming that Perdue turned him down only to publicly humiliate him, instead of because he was already engaged to someone else, and projecting what I can only assume are your own experiences with women in junior high school onto her, you're then applying this mentality to EVERY woman. It has a very disturbing implication to it, too: "if a woman turns a man down, she is doing it for selfish reasons and being 'cunty'. There's nothing wrong with me, I didn't get rejected because I'm a bitter misogynist who seems to spend the lion's share of his free time posting half-baked rants on his blog about how horrible women are and about how bad men have it in today's world, it's because SHE was just turning me down to lord it over me!"

I hate to say it, sir, but the weak link in all your failed relationships is you. Not a specific woman, not womankind in general, YOU. Personally.

Anonymous said...

TO Original post. I agree with you 100%
I don't care that she turned him down. The way she did it was disrespectful, she didn't have to post it on twitter in front of the WHOLE WORLD u retards!
Anyone who can't understand how embarrassing that must have been for Lebron is an idiot. The only people who have a problem with this post are dumb women.
THE FACT THAT LEBRON JAMES, someone that famous would even speak her to her, she should have been flattered. She knew exactly what she was doing by embarrassing him in front of the world to stroke her ego. Women are sooo dumb, this is why you get tricked and played by most men because you aren't worth anything, and you will tare people down for your own benefit and not give a fuck about the consequences for other people.