Monday, August 12, 2013

Article: "Date a Boy That Travels"

I recently came across an article from the Huffington Post, "Date a Boy That Travels", written by Lena Desmond. And as I read it, the piece reminded me all too much of the women of my past that I have come across or dated. Particualrly my ex-girlfriend, whom is somewhat like Desmond in her unrealistic standards and fantasies of what men are supposed to be. Read the article below:
Date a boy who travels. Date a boy who treasures experience over toys, a hand-woven bracelet over a Rolex. Date the boy who scoffs when he hears the words, "vacation," "all-inclusive" or "resort." Date a boy who travels because he's not blinded by a single goal but enlivened by many. You might find him in an airport or at a book store browsing the travel guides -- although he "only uses them for reference." You'll know it's him because when you peek at his computer screen his background will be a scenic splendor of rolling hills, mountains or prayer flags. His Facebook friend count will be over-the-roof and his wall will be plastered with the broken English 'miss-you' of friends he met along the way. When he travels he makes lifelong friends in an hour. And although contact with these friends is sporadic and may be far-between his bonds are unmessable and if he wanted he could couch surf the world... again.

Buy him a beer. Maybe the same brand that he wears on the singlet under his plaid shirt, unable to truly let go. Once a traveller gets home people rarely listen to his stories. So listen to him. Allow him to paint a picture that brings you into his world. He might talk fast and miss small details because he's so excited to be heard. Bask in his enthusiasm. Want it for yourself. He'll squeak like an excited toddler when his latest issue of National Geographic arrives in the mail. Then he'll grow quiet, engrossed, until he finishes his analysis of every photo, every adventure. In his mind he'll insert himself in these pictures. He'll pass the issue on to you and grill you about your dreams and competitively ask about the craziest thing you've ever done. Tell him. And know that he'll probably win. And if by chance you win, know that his next lot in life will be to out do you. But then he'll say, "Maybe we can do it together."

Date the boy who talks of distant places and whose hands have explored the stone relics of ancient civilizations and whose mind has imagined those hands carving, chiseling, painting the wonders of the world. And when he talks it's as if he's reliving it with you. You can almost hear his heart racing. You can almost feel the adrenaline ramped up by the moment. You feel it passing through his synapsis, a feast to his eyes entering through those tiny oracles of experience that we call pupils, digesting rapidly through his veins, manifesting into his nervous system, transforming and altering his worldview like a reverse trauma and finally passing but forever changing the colors of his sight. (Unless he's Karl Pilkington.) You will want this too.

Date a boy who's lived out of a backpack because he lives happily with less. A boy who's travelled has seen poverty and dined with those who live in small shanties with no running water, and yet welcome strangers with greater hospitality than the rich. And because he's seen this he's seen how a life without luxury can mean a life fueled by relationships and family rather than a life that fuels fancy cars and ego. He's experienced different ways of being, respects alternative religions and he looks at the world with the eyes of a five-year-old, curious and hungry. Your dad will be happy too because he's good with money and knows how to budget.

This boy relishes home; the comfort of a duvet, the safety stirred in a mom-cooked meal, the easy conversation of childhood friends and the immaculate glory of the flush-toilet. Although fiercely independent, he has had time to reflect on himself and his relationships. Despite his wanderlust he knows and appreciates his ties to home. He has had a chance to miss and be missed. Because of this he also knows a thing or two about goodbyes. He knows the overwhelming uncertainty of leaving the comforts of home, the indefinite see-you-laters at the departure gates and yet he fearlessly goes into the unknown because he knows the feeling of return. And that the I've-missed-you-hug is the best type of hug in the whole world. He also knows that goodbyes are just prolonged see-you-laters and that 'hello' is only as far away as the nearest internet cafe.

Don't hold onto this boy. Let this boy go and go with him. If you haven't travelled, he will open your eyes to a world beyond the news and popular perception. He will open your dreams to possibility and reality. He will calm your nerves when you're about to miss a flight or when your rental blows a flat because he knows the journey is the adventure. He will make light of the unsavory noises you make when you -- and you will -- get food poisoning. He will make you laugh through the discomfort all while dabbing your forehead with a cold cloth and nursing you with bottled water. He will make you feel like you're home.

When you see something beautiful he will hold your hand in silence, in awe the history of where his feet stand and the fact that you're with him.

He will live in every moment with you because this is how he lives his life. He understands that happiness is no more than a string of moments that displace neutrality and he is determined to tie as many of these strings together as he can. He also understands your need to live for yourself and that you have a bucket list of your own. Understand his. Understand that your goals may at some points differ but that independence is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship when it's mutually respected. You may lose him for a bit but he will always come home bearing a new story and a souvenir he picked up because it reminded him of you, like it was made for you and because he missed you. You might be compelled to do the same. Make sure that independence is on your bucket list and make sure it's checked. Independence will keep your relationship fresh and exciting and when you're together again it will forge a bond of unbreakable trust.

He'll propose when you've breached your comfort-zone, whether it is a fear like skydiving or swimming with sharks or sitting next to the smelly person on an overcrowded bus. It won't be with a diamond ring but with a token from a native culture or inspired by nature, like the penguin and the pebble. You will get married somewhere unassumed, surrounded by a select few in a moment constructed to celebrate venturing into the unknown together again. Marry the boy who's travelled and together you will make the whole world your home. Your honeymoon will not be forgotten to a buffet dinner and all-you-can-drink beach bars, but will be remembered in the triumphant photographs at the top of Kilimanjaro and memorialized in the rewarding ache of muscles at the end of a long days hike. When you're ready you will have children that have the names of the characters you met on your journeys, the foreign names of people who dug a special place in your heart if only for a few days. Perhaps you will live in another country and your children will learn of language and customs that open their minds from the very start, leaving no room for prejudice. He will introduce them to the life of Hemingway, the journey of Santiago, and empower them to live even bigger than both of you.

Marry a boy who travels and he'll teach your children the beauty of a single stone, the history of the Incas and he will instill in them the bravery of possibility. He will explain to them that masking opportunity there is fear. He will teach them to concur it. And when you're old you'll sit with your grandchildren pouring over your photo albums and chest of worldly treasures while they too insert themselves into your photographs, sparked by the beauty of the world and inspired by your life in it.

Find a boy who travels because you deserve a life of adventure and possibility. You deserve to live light and embrace simplicity. You deserve to look at life through the eyes of youth and with your arms wide open. Because this is where you will find joy. And better, you will find joy together. And if you can't find him, travel. Go. Embrace it. Explore the world for yourself because dreams are the stuff reality is made from.

This attitude is all-too-common among American women. Placing unrealistic expectations upon men, based on nothing more than their brainwashed influences from the media. The point about Facebook friends is quite striking. A man must have a friends list that rivals a celebrity to be considered worthy in her eyes--- because her man must be universal, appealing to many different forms of life around the world. She has fallen in love not with the man, but his hobby of traveling and making friends. It isn't about love, or the person's character, instead it is about his social prowess and the "experiences" he can enhance her life with. Little does she know that men like this are often flighty, cheaters, disloyal, and simply cannot be depended on for a monogamous relationship. But that will not stop the American female from fawning over and idolizing the man. It isn't really about having a companion to travel with; no, the woman wishes to live vicariously through the man.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Would Obama Have Been President Without a White Mother?

The political rise of Barack Obama is quite astonishing for any individual. Born into humble beginnings, Obama grew up in Hawaii, attended an elite private school, and was reared by a white woman pursuing a PhD. Ann Dunham is pictured above with her son Barack.

Which brings me to the crux of the issue; that is to say, Obama could not have become president if he was raised by a black woman. No black woman could have produced what this man has become, and it has to do as much with race as it does culture.

To become what Obama did, his upbringing had to have come from a white household. Because in the mind of a white female, race is a non-issue for the most part and where it materializes, it can be ignored and overcome for a colored minority. Barack’s mother of course was well aware of her son’s appearance, coupled with the fact that he would be seen as black in society. But there is a distinct difference between how this single white mother dealt with this reality and how a single black mother would. Had Barack been raised by a single black woman, assuming she was not a ghetto hood-rat, his mentality would have been significantly limited in its ability to grasp the “big picture” of life. And this is precisely because the black point of view is severely limited, while whites know no such boundaries.

To further the point through scenario, take the inevitable “race” conversation that Obama’s hypothetical black mother would have with her mixed-race son. She would of course encourage him to do well in school, and push him to succeed (Again, this is assuming that this mother is at least somewhat educated). However, detrimental seeds of doubt would penetrate young Barack’s mind when his mother brings his race into the conversation. She would first remind him that despite his mixed heritage, he will be seen as black in society, and he will be discriminated against, and he must always keep a watchful eye out for racism directed towards him. She would poison his mind with limited thinking, based on the standards of the past.

The difference is, Barack’s white mother would, by and large, allow him to come to these conclusions on his own. But she would not promote to him the self-defeated attitude of African Americans, for she can neither relate or truly understand what a racial limitation is, due to her white privilege.

Perhaps the largest divider between colored minorities and whites in America is how they perceive race and racism. A situation in which a white individual might find no wrongdoing, or no oppression, can be perceived in the opposite way for a black person. And in many cases the subtle racism or oppression is real, but can only be observed through the lens of a colored minority. Whites, knowing where they lie in the invisible but very real racial hierarchy, do not have need for such worries. Thus, for the most part, whites are content with ignorance in this context; however, it is just as important to acknowledge that ignorance is indeed bliss.

Furthermore, whites understand society through no particular racial scope. Thus, laying the foundation for privilege, because there are no limits in this world for the descendants of European conquerors. Conversely, blacks profoundly understand their race to be crippling; no matter how far they ascend, no matter what they achieve, always will they be the negro. To the Arab, "Abid", to most of the world, "Nigger", the constant reminder of inferiority is ever-upon the blacks, especially the American Blacks, who in addition to being inferior are seen as lower than any other black diaspora in the world. Why is this the case? To be precise, culture. No one respects the American Black, even African nationals from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, or Ethiopia. Blacks from Spanish speaking countries share the same venom for American blacks, as do blacks from Middle Eastern countries. The obvious difference between all of these groups and American blacks is culture; everyone seems to have one except for the African American. Is it true? In parting, listen to the words of an Ethiopian, who is black but not American:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Aryane Steinkopf the Perfect Woman?

After looking at over 100 photos of Aryane Steinkopf, I have come to the conclusion that she leaves nothing to be desired. This is a perfect 10/10 and there is no woman on earth that could show her up. She literally has it all. Its no surprise that she hails from Brazil. Now sit back and enjoy the eye candy

Bob Barr and the Purity of the White Race

Bob Barr was the Libertarian candidate for President back in 2008. I've had many opinions on the guy but there are many that did not cross my mind until I searched further into the depths of the internet. What I found were various blogs accusing Barr of being non-white, specifically black. At first, I did a double take. The man looks white to my eyes, but perhaps I was missing something. So I looked harder at every picture of the guy I could find and eventually I saw what could possibly be a sign of African ancestry, however the guy still looked white overall

Now, observe the Nazis in the blogosphere
"Group News Blog makes a point that us politically-aware Negroes have been thinking for some time, though not around white folk. But this is the age of Obama so here it goes--Folks, there's something vaguely familiar about Bob Barr: You see, Bob Barr has long been the butt of many jokes in my family since the ugly winter of 1998. He was such a annoying, little pit bull against Clinton, you just wanted to smack him...but...There was something odd about him. Something that was "off". Media people have noted that "offness" of late, but I will tell you that this has been long discussed in other more insular circles. Bob Barr, my mother said it "Looks a little 'funny' 'round the mouth...Dig the lips, folks...That ain't collagen...that's collards and Coltrane. Funny-ass hair texture too--particularly on the 'stache. "Rev. Al's shit is straighter than Barr's is." one friend loves to note frequently. The first time I saw Bob Barr, during his Bill Clinton-pursuing heyday, I thought to myself, "I didn't know there were was another black Republican in the House besides J.C. Watts." I have of course since been corrected, but I have to say, there really is some Anatole Broyard/Nella Larsen/Jessie Fauset business going on with this cat."

And here is another blog post accusing Barr of non-whiteness The reason I point this out is that it is very telling of the way America views race. That is to say, in America, there are whites and then there's everyone else. Candidates to be considered white must appear purely white, without a shadow of a doubt. If there is a doubt, the person thus becomes a minority. It doesn't really matter which minority either. For the whites, all that matters is their purity, but they actually don't care much beyond that. No concern is shown for whatever the non-white claims or identifies as, so long as it is not a white identity. We've seen this evolve throughout history, starting in the beginnings of mass immigration to America. When the Irish arrived, they were labeled non-white. Still to this day, many do not concern east Europe (Ukraine, Poland, etc) as white, or at least they consider the east European inferior to the Anglo Saxon.

In America, those of partial (no matter how small) non-white blood find out very quickly that they are not white. It is the way of things. You will not find a society on Earth that has such draconian views on racial status, but perhaps that's what makes this nation great (or not so great?) Take a hard look at Baehner and his sister. It's only a matter of time before they are both expelled from the white race. Because the white is pure and must remain holy

What I am not interested in is how we will all look in 50 years, as many wonder. It is speculated that eventually America will look like Latin America. More interesting to me however is what status will be given to which select individuals. How will classifications change? Who will be considered inferior once the population begins to blend?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Female Ego

Today I was pondering the recent 2012 London Olympics contreversey (certainly not a serious one) involving Lebron James and U.S Swimmer Lauren Perdue. Below is a picture of Perdue:
^^^^Isn't she lovely? Well, sort of in that "I'd donkey punch her" kind of way...^^^ Shortly after, Perdue tweeted the following: "Lebron James just invited me to dinner... um wuuuutttt?!?" And then, chaos ensued. It was all over the media. No one quite knew what to make of it other than Lebron, an engaged NBA Champion, just got publicly turned down. But what strikes me is how excited this Lauren seems that she was "invited to dinner" by Lebron himself. In fact, to me, the tweet is reeking of an egotistical, high-and-mighty, "look at me", uppity, cunty, shallow, junior high, arrogant stench that is both vomit educing and all-to-common among today's American female. What gets me is, this was not the only girl Lebron asked out on that night (probably). Pictured below is Lebron with yet another female Olympian.
He most likely casually offered to eat with her that night in the dining hall as well. Lauren was clearly not the only one, and yet her level of excitement over such a small proposition is hysterical; I'd expect the same reaction from a girl in middle school. "OMG! I just got asked out wtf?!?!? What is a poor girl to do?" Lather in the pool of egomaniac attention whoring, of course. This is yet another example of the despicable way women react when approached and propositioned for dates. It isn't enough to appreciate the offer; they get off on the power trip, the advantage given to them by being catered to. They revel in the attention, enjoy rejecting the man, and can't live without bragging about it to their friends (or in this case, the whole world through twitter).

Friday, August 3, 2012

Are All Women Prostitutes? A Thought Provoking Article

I recently came across an excellent article (forum post) that further extrapolates on a previous post I made about the undeniable correlations between the modern dating process and prostitution. The post was made by a user named "Below 30" on You will see my commentary bolded and in parentheses.

"According to society (backed by government laws) Prostitution (the business accepting financial compensation for sex), is immoral and illegal in most countries. Where is the line drawn though for who can be considered a prostitute, from a hooker on the street corner, to meeting a morally acceptable female and paying for many dates before sex happens? -Females are the focus here since it's a fact that they do not generally do the approaching in the mating game- When a man is approached by a woman on the street and she offers to let him have her body sexually in exchange for money, she's a prostitute and a bad person. When a man meets a woman in a book store, if he were to say; "Hi, I like you. Would like to have sex with me?", he will be rejected and probably have the police called on him. So the man meets the woman in the book store, says morally acceptable things to her, gets her phone number, calls her up and sets up a date. On the date he will spend $75 and at the end of the date, he will go for the kiss and want sex from her. She will most likely turn her head away and tell him that she won't allow the sex yet.

On average, after 3 dates, the female will let the man have sex with her. The man has spent approximately $225 on the female in almost 4 weeks of dating. So basically, the female required financial compensation before she would allow the man to have access to her body. That is prostitution, but it's the acceptable form by society's standards. If two girls notice a guy and talk about how 'cute' his and he happened to come over and say; "Hi, I'm sexually attracted to you. Would you like to have sex with me?", again she would reject him as if he made a racist remark, even though she acknowledged to her friend how she was attracted to him (TIC:An excellent point indeed. It's very true that even if a girl is attracted to you, she many times will not give you any leverage or advantage over the other competing males. You will still be expected to be confident, funny, ask for her number, ask her out on a date, pay for the date, and repeat the dating process 2-3 times before getting anything beyond a makeout session)

Men have no problems with seeing an attractive female and allowing sexual relations to happen right away. This is because society accepts that men are sexually upfront. (TIC:Put simply, men are sexually honest while women are sexually dishonest, save hookers) Females in the sexual sense are virtually the same (mentally) as men, but society put stipulations on females to control them, as society was basically started by men long ago. This was to prevent females from being like men and having multiple sex partners and made it easier for men to dominate females in society. But that plan has actually back-fired, because females have an easier time controlling their sexual impulses than men biologically. What has happened now, is that females have learned how to give out just enough signals to lead a man on and hold the rest back until he pays for the rest.

Prostitution is a business like any other and to be successful, you have to invest in your product. That product in this case, is the female herself. This is why they invest so much in makeup, hair care and plastic surgery. They need to stand out and exude high value. This way, men will see the cost they have to pay for access to her body, as reasonable. Men are so desperate for the sex that they will pay the price and ignore the fact the she is basically a prostitute. Since men still rule when it comes to laws in society, prostitution is still known only as the act of exchanging 'paper money' on the street for sex and not general dating. If people's minds weren't so clouded, prostitution would either become legal, or dating would become illegal too. (TIC: An excellent breakdown of the structure of dating in business terms. Dating is indeed very much like a business where you have investing, advertising (sexy outfits, etc), selling, buying, and even a black market (escort services).

Many women will claim that they need to get to know a man first before sex.
Just like men, when a female sees a man she's sexually attracted too, she could have sex right away. Proof? Street prostitutes are human females too and all they need to see is cash and she has sex with him. So there is no biological reason why most females couldn't allow sex with a man she's attracted to right away. (TIC: Exactly, the female would rather get a few free dinners/movies first even if she was instantly sexually attracted to the man) It goes to prove for the most part that even the most shy, innocent, religious girl knows exactly what she's doing when she makes the guy spend all sorts of money and time before the sex happens. But they will be damned if they were to admit that what they do is prostitution.

Here's some interesting irony. Street prostitutes are actually the most respectable females in the mating game. Because they are upfront with their requirement to be paid a set price before the sex is to happen (TIC: Correct. Intelligent men know this to be true. I have much more respect for a hooker/stripper, because with them, at least there are no hidden motives or games. Everything is on the table. You want sex, she wants money. There is no deception to deal with as you must endure with legal prostitutes(women in general). The rest of the females in society, pretend to need 'Time' and the only way to pass this 'Time', is for her to be taken to places that involve money being spent on her. Once that money has been spent, it's still not a guarantee that she will give up the sex, thus the man is wasting alot of time and money on a so-called 'nice girl or proper girl'.

Dating females is legal prostitution because the financial compensation is indirect. Legal prostitution is morally acceptable but is the most taxing on the man, because he must invest so much time and money for an uncertain payoff of sex in the end

My final thoughts are a resounding "yes", the vast majority of women are indeed prostitutes one way or another. If money is required for sex, no matter how indirect the process, that is prostitution. If you wouldn't fuck the guy for free, you’re a prostitute

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lonliness, Suicide: A Male Issue Only

Loneliness is a male issue. Women do not have to fear such a thing. A socially awkward guy in today's society is a creepy loser who is considered an outcast. He is less than nothing to women. They want nothing to do with him.

A socially awkward female still will get hit on and still will get dates from guys. It doesn't matter how shy she may be. Men will still attempt to reach out and form a relationship with her because at the end of the day, men are more compassionate and much less cruel than women.

Back when men ruled things, everyone had a mate. It was unheard of a person in their 30's to be single. The epidemic of loneliness is recent and is a direct result of women having all the control in the dating scene. Women are quasi-eugenicists and do not want genes to pass on that they deem to be weak; social anxiety/awkwardness fits this category of weakness.

If we are talking a 400 pound whale with meth-mouth, fine, of course she's lonely. But here's what you are doing that is so foolish: basing your entire argument on extremely rare exceptions. An average guy can easily be lonely in today's society. An average women could never be unless she deliberately chose too. The vast vast vast majority of lonely people are men and it is by and large a male issue only. Women do not have the danger of being alone and will most likely never experience being alone.

The statistics below are from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As you will observe, men commit suicide "at a rate four times that of women." This is in spite of the fact that women attempt suicide more often than men.

By Gender

Sex Number of Suicides Population Rate
Males 27,269 148,466,361 18.3
Females 7,329 152,823,971 4.8
Total 34,598 301,290,332 11.5

Figures from the National Center for Health Statistics for the year 2007.
All rates are per 100,000 population.

A woman takes her own life every 90 minutes in the U.S., but it is estimated that one woman attempts suicide every 78 seconds.

* Women attempt suicide three times as much as men.
* Although women attempt suicide more often, men complete suicide at a rate four times that of women.
* More women than men report a history of attempted suicide, with a gender ratio of 2:1.
* Women are more likely than men to have stronger social supports, to feel that their relationships are deterrents to suicide, and to seek psychiatric and medical intervention, which may contribute to their lower rate of completed suicide.

-© 2011 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The harsh reality of the world is that men bare the heaviest burden's in life, while women over-exaggerate and dramatize anything and everything in order to garner attention. Ironically, women already have more attention than men, which is why they are much more likely to receive help from support groups and their group of friends.

Can men do this? Yes and no. While it is possible for men to receive help when they are feeling depressed and suicidal, it is looked down upon in society. A man is not allowed to cry to his male friends about his problems. A man is supposed to shutup, suck it up, and handle it all by himself. If he does not, society labels him weak.

More specifically, women label him weak. Women can lose respect for a man very quickly; this is where genetics come into play. Women despise passive, nice-guy genes. They wish them to be breeded out of existence. Conversely, women seem to adore and worship the "dark triad" genes. These genes include narcissism and psychopathic behavior. Girls, especially young ones, are obsessed with dangerous bad-boys. Below is an example:

"Teenage Love Triangle Turns Deadly"