Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Aryane Steinkopf the Perfect Woman?

After looking at over 100 photos of Aryane Steinkopf, I have come to the conclusion that she leaves nothing to be desired. This is a perfect 10/10 and there is no woman on earth that could show her up. She literally has it all. Its no surprise that she hails from Brazil. Now sit back and enjoy the eye candy


Anonymous said...


Not because you're explaining your ogling of this woman in intricate detail - it's fine if a person does that, so long as they still respect whoever they're ogling as a person and don't dehumanize them because of it - but because you've, so far, managed to complain about EVERY aspect of dating that doesn't relate to your (and I do mean you, personally) supposed inherent niceness, and decried them as shallow whores if they ever bring a man's looks into consideration in any way, no matter how small...and yet YOUR attraction to this "perfect woman" is based entirely on looks.

You demonize women if they place any value on a man's looks, and yet the ONLY thing you clearly and measurably value in a woman is her looks. Are they anything other than ornaments or sex toys to you? At all? Do you see anything in them other than something to have sex with? I highly doubt you do, posts like this only add fuel to the fire....and you have the fucking gall to call women shallow when they care about looks.

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TIC said...

She's from Brazil, implants don't have to be the reason

Anonymous said...

Her features are a bit neotenous and her lower third is lacking a couple mms.